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 “ Do you know English well?.

Forms: 5 -8

Aims: to revise all grammar/lexical material which was learned before (with the help of games and competitions), to conclude the grammar/ lexical material on definite FLT stage, to gain the learners, interest in FL learning.

Мақсаты: Оқушылардың  ағылшын тіліне қызығушылықтарын арттыру,лексика-грамматикалық білімдерін шыңдау топта жұмыс жасай білдуге үйрету,есте сақтау,ойлау,оқу қабілеттерін дамыту.

Procedure of the extra-curricular activity:

Organization  moment.

  Good afternoon, pupils. We are glad to see you. Today we are going to check your knowledge of English language. The title of our work is “Do you know English well ? ”. There are 2 teams which participated  in the game.

Қайырлы күн,оқушылар! Сіздерді көргендерімізге қуаныштымыз. Тәрбие сағатымыздың тақырыбы: «Сіз ағылшын тілін білесіз бе? ». Ойынға 2 команда қатысады.

The structure of the game:

  1. English Jungles.

     a) riddles

  • this animal is very timed and afraid of everything (a hare)
  • this animal  has a red bushy tail (a fox)
  • this animal sleeps all winter in aden (a bear)
  • this animal can walk without  food and water for a long time (a camel)
  • it eats carrots, it has got long ears (a rabbit)
  •  it can talk, it lives in the sea (a dolphin)
  • this animal looks like a dog but it,s got a long body and very sharp teeth (a crocodile)
  •  it is a big cat (a tiger)

b) finish the idioms

As brave as … .  (a lion)

As busy as … .   (a bee)

As cunning as … . (a fox)

As fast as … .   (a hare)

As heavy as … .   (an elephant)

As slow as … .   (a tortoise)

As fat as … .  (a pig)

As hairy as … .   (a gorilla)

  1. Crazy questions.

Choose the correct answer from three offered answers and wrote down the appropriate to the given answer letter.

  1. Which is smaller? A) a mouse B) a fox C) a hare
  2.  Which can run faster? A) a zebra  B) a bear C) a lion
  3. Can a penguin fly?  A) yes  B) no   C) sometimes
  4. Can tiger swim?  A) yes  B) no   C) sometimes
  5. Is a whale fish? A) yes  B) no   C) do not know
  6. What is a big cat?  A) a tiger  B) a bear C) a lion

3.Make sentences from words. Сөздерден сөйлем құраңыз

  • I, got,a, have,computer
  • she, got, dog, has, a
  • brother, got, he, a, has
  • you, not, got, a, cat, have
  • grandfather, Adam,s, a, doctor, is
  • hotel, the, is, near, park


4.Make a word.

  • helcnidr -
  •  nep –
  • terets –
  • titksen –
  • hotemr –
  • virred –

5.Food categories.

Fill in th table. Which foods are?

Apple, beet, banana, pea, cashew, green pepper, peach lettuce, bean, potato, pear, strawberry, peanut, onion, plum, walnut, carrot, orange, tomato, lemon, pineapple, cherry, squash, cucumber, grapes, beef, sardine, turkey, pork, duck, mutton, veal, chicken, herring, lamb, goose, salmon, bacon, carp, ham, hen, tuna.











              Conclusion.  Now it is time to say results of our competition, while our juries count your scores you may sing a song. Thanks a lot to our participants. We also thank our juries.


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